curtains and drapes custom drapery panels


Custom Made Drapes and Drapery Panels

Drapes • Drapery • Draperies 

  • Drapes are the number one method for decorating a window and have pleated tops which make the window panels “drape” in even folds, no matter how they are hung. Drapes move across the rod to an open or closed position.
  • Drapes are defined as a panel or panels that cover the entire window that are moved with a traverse rod or baton.
  • They may also be used as stationary panel drapes that simple frame the window.
  • Drapes typically have some type of pleated top that are attached to a curtain or drapery rod.
  • The difference between curtains and drapes is illustrated by the definition of curtains.
Curtains and Drapes custom made curtain panels


Custom Made Curtains and Curtain Panels


  • Curtains have a rod pocket sleeve at the top for a rod to slide into, and a header above the rod pocket. Options include the size of the rod pocket and header.
  • Curtains AND drapes can be lined or unlined and may also be tied back.
  • Curtains are not intended to be moved like drapes, because the fabric is gathered around the rod and movement is difficult.
  • Curtains do not have pleats, and mostly remain fixed on the rod.

Curtains Drapes – Why Buy Custom Made in America?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your curtains and drapes are “off the shelf”, your choices are limited. Whether you are looking at drapes, blinds, shutters or shades, what more do you get when you order custom-made instead of a big box treatment?

You will get exactly what you want • Curtain Drapes with a precise fit looks better, insulates better • Choice of right or left pull cord or cordless system • Motorized curtains drapes available • Superior lifting systems • Huge selection of designer fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined curtains drapes for light-control & insulation

Discuss your project and get more curtains and drapes ideas with a Certified Interior Designer  Measuring & installation services available in Denver.