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  • Custom curtains · country curtains · blackout curtains are in Windows Dressed Up in Denver on 38th on Tennyson St.
  • Curtains have a sleeve in the top for a rod to slide into. Three times the amount of fabric is used to manufacture this product. Curtains are not intended to be move like draperies.
  • The top of curtains may also be made as tab tops, grommet top, belt loops or as droopy panels to name a few.
  • Blackout curtains are lined with a fabric to keep light filtering through. Making the curtain much wider than the window will cut down on the light coming through the sides.

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 ROD POCKET TOP CURTAINS Ι stylish simplicity  

Custom curtains blackout curtain counrtry curtains Sheer Curtain, Purple Sheer, Black Lace

A curtain is a very common window treatment. A stitched pocket at the top of a curtain is gathered or shirred onto a curtain rod, hiding most of the rod. Does not require pins or hooks. Choose from a variety of fabric styles – sheer, linen, lace, cotton and more. 
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 ROD POCKET TOP & BOTTOM CURTAINS Ι perfect for french door  

Custom Curtains for French Door grommet top curtains
  • A stitched rod pocket is sewn at the top and bottom for two rods.  Great for french doors, entry doors, patio doors and sidelights.
  • Sheer curtain fabrics will let more light and visibility through, or a heavier linen curtain fabric or cotton fabric will allow less light, but give more privacy.
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 COUNTRY STYLE CURTAINS Ι country style curtains and valances 

custom curtains blackout curtains country curtains
  • Country style curtains and valances have become a popular choice to created a warm, cozy feel to your country home.
  • Homespun style fabrics such as plaids, ginghams, lace, checked and florals are just some of the curtain styles available.
  • Ruffled custom curtains too. Look great in a kitchen or living room.

BLACKOUT CURTAINS Ι room darkening curtains

Blackout Curtains
  • Blackout curtains are all about the lining. Custom curtains come in any color fabric, texture or style.
  • Blackout curtains are needed when you want to keep as much light out of the room as possible. Special curtain liners are used that are heavier than a normal liner and also will help with keeping heat or cold out.
  • Consider the space the blackout curtain will occupy, and how much light filtering through you want to eliminate. The wider you make the curtain panels on either side of the window, the more light will be kept out of the room.

 GROMMET CURTAINS Ι popular curtain style

custom curtains blackout curtains grommet curtains
  • Grommet curtains and drapes are a trendy, stylish way of decorating a window or door. We often recommend that grommets be used as stationary or limited movement curtain panels, but they can also be used as a drapery panels.
  • Consider a grommet curtain in a seamless sheer fabric, or if blackout curtains or drapes, thermal curtains or drapes are your style, we have the fabric you need.
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  • Custom curtains,  drapes, and sheers can also be combined with valances, cornices, swags, cascades or scarves to add a unique and stylish option for your windows. Drapery hardware such as decorative curtain rods, finials, rings, tiebacks and other accessories add the finishing touch.

Visit Windows Dressed Up’s Denver Showroom to see more custom curtains and drapes on display. A variety of pleat styles. We also have blinds, shutters and shades. Test a cordless blind, blackout shades or motorized curtains.Talk to a Certified Interior Designer to get more window treatment ideas. We also make custom drapes, bedding and have curtain rods and drapery hardware. Call us at 303.455.1009.

Why should I consider Custom Curtains • Country Style Curtains ?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your curtains and drapes are “off the shelf”, your choices are limited. If you are looking at custom curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters or shades, what more do you get when you order custom-made instead of a big box treatment?

Most noteworthy, you will get exactly what you want • Precise fit looks better, insulates better • Choice of right or left pull cord or cordless system • Motorized curtains • Superior lifting systems • Huge selection of fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined drapes or curtains for light-control & insulation • Discuss your project and get ideas with a Certified Interior Designer • Measuring & installation services available