Our Story

It all began in 1958 when Bob Leo opened “Leo’s Interiors” in Denver, CO. He and his wife, Linnie spent over 60 years dressing people’s windows and trailblazing the window covering industry. 

In 2018, on the heels of retirement, the Leo’s began their search for the next generation of window covering experts. Through industry connections, they were introduced to a dynamic duo, sisters’ Lindsay and Heather Madonia. They quickly determined these two women would be the perfect fit to carry on their legacy.


Our Mission

At Windows Dressed Up, we believe that windows are not merely openings in a room, but opportunities for expression and enhancement. Our mission is to elevate every window into a masterpiece, marrying style with functionality to create spaces that inspire and delight. With a rich tapestry of expertise spanning decades, our team of seasoned professionals brings unparalleled skill, creativity, and passion to every project. From concept to installation, we collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring that their unique vision is realized with precision and artistry.

Two women smiling and standing in a Denver shop with shelves filled with various items and a large plant beside them.

Lindsay Madonia, Principal

Lindsay, a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned professional in the world of design, spearheads Windows Dressed Up’s success with her innovative approach and consultative method. With a keen eye for design and a drive for innovation, Lindsay has elevated our company to new heights, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. It’s this unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations that has earned Lindsay a reputation for excellence and distinction in the world of design.

But Lindsay’s talents extend far beyond the window covering design studio. In her free time, she embraces life with the same adventurous spirit that defines her professional endeavors. Whether she’s exploring the world’s wonders through travel or carving through pristine slopes on her snowboard in Colorado, Lindsay approaches every experience with enthusiasm and creativity.

For Lindsay, life is an endless journey of discovery, where each new adventure brings the opportunity for growth and inspiration. With her at the helm, Windows Dressed Up continues to thrive, guided by her visionary leadership and passion for excellence in all that she does.

Heather Madonia, Principal

With a passion for both people and performance, Heather leads our sales team with unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence. In Heather’s world, every drapery drawn and every shade raised is an opportunity to make a difference in her clients’ lives. With her unwavering dedication and boundless creativity, Heather not only transforms spaces but also leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and homes of those she serves

Outside of the window covering design studio, Heather’s interests are as diverse as her professional skills. A true aficionado of home renovation, she finds joy in transforming spaces and bringing visions to life. From a fresh coat of paint to a complete remodel, Heather’s knack for design shines through in every project she undertakes.

But Heather’s love for adventure extends far beyond the confines of the home. An avid traveler, she’s always on the lookout for her next journey, whether it’s exploring exotic locales or immersing herself in different cultures. It’s these experiences that not only broaden her horizons but also fuel her creativity and passion for life.

A woman with long dark hair, dressed up in a plaid blazer and white shirt, smiling while standing against a brick wall.
Woman leaning against a brick wall, smiling, dressed in a black cardigan and plaid skirt, near windows dressed up with stylish curtains.

Daisy Tatum

Fabrication Manager

Daisy’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship has been evident in every window covering she has expertly fabricated over the past 30+ years. Beyond her professional pursuits, Daisy embraces life’s simple joys, finding immense pleasure in cherished moments with family and friends, as well as indulging in her passions for cooking and gardening. With an innate knack for hospitality, Daisy is always ready to host an occasional gathering, infusing each event with warmth and cheer. 

Fueling her creativity and zest for life, Daisy’s love for travel and the great outdoors serves as a wellspring of inspiration, both personally and professionally. In her downtime, she delights in the art of winemaking, crafting small batches that offer a delightful escape into the world of viniculture.

A woman smiling, standing with arms crossed, dressed up in a yellow cardigan and black pants, leaning against a brick wall.

Hannah Bauer

Project Coordinator

Introducing Hannah, who serves as both our Office Manager and Project Manager here at Windows Dressed Up. She is a 30-something Colorado native who truly loves helping organize and elevate our small business. Outside of work, she lives for outdoor and indoor adventures. Whether she’s at a live show at Red Rocks or teaching yoga, you can be sure she will be sharing laughter and love with her cherished friends and family.


“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift!” – Steve Prefontaine

A smiling woman with long brown hair, wearing a pink blazer over a black top, posing outdoors against a brick wall and under a tree.

Jamie Martinez


Meet Jamie, our Interior Window Stylist extraordinaire! With a rich background in interior design, Jamie brings a wealth of expertise to every project, where client satisfaction reigns supreme. Her keen eye for detail and passion for creating stunning spaces ensure that each window she dresses is a masterpiece in its own right.


But Jamie’s talents extend far beyond the confines of the interior window design studio. When she’s not transforming interiors, you’ll often find her amidst the beauty of nature, surrounded by her beloved animals and cherished family. It’s in these moments, under the open sky, that Jamie finds both peace and inspiration, drawing on the serenity of the great outdoors to fuel her creativity.

Three large windows with patterned half-circle valances and sheer roller shades, offering an elegant window treatment in a stylish living room with neutral-toned furniture and framed artwork.

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Three large windows with patterned half-circle valances and sheer roller shades, offering an elegant window treatment in a stylish living room with neutral-toned furniture and framed artwork.

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Sign up today to hear the latest about Windows Dressed Up news, promotions, and design advice.