Two blue and white patterned armchairs flanking a small table with decorative items, set against a navy blue wall and a window draped with white curtains in Denver.

Soft window treatments are fabric-based window coverings designed to add style, function, and a finished look to your space.


Versatile by design, there are numerous options when considering soft window treatments — from draperies, sheers, and Roman shades to top treatments, including valances and cornices. With a wide selection of fabrics, colors, textures, trims, and hardware, soft window treatments can be customized to suit any style, adding visual interest to your windows along with the essential benefits of privacy, light control, and insulation. Motorization and automation solutions are available for added convenience.


Combining artistry and craftsmanship to elevate your aesthetic, soft window treatments address essential needs and create an inviting atmosphere that feels truly like home.

Custom Drapes

Available in stationary, operable, and motorized styles, custom drapes control light, provide privacy, and complete your room’s design. With endless customization offerings, our design team can tailor draperies to complement your personal style and address your specific needs. Whether used alone or layered with other treatments, custom drapes enhance the beauty and performance of your space.

A well-lit dining room featuring a custom wooden table set with candles and flowers, flanked by elegant chairs, sheer curtains on the windows, and a modern chandelier above.
A curtain with pleats is hung from a metallic rod with decorative finials, elegantly dressing up the plain wall and transforming the ambiance.

Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware is not only functional, but it’s the perfect finishing touch for your draperies. With access to many vendors, we offer an extensive selection of top-quality hardware to suit any style. From curtain rods and rings to finials and tiebacks — the right choice can elevate the overall look of your window treatments, but it can also be complicated. Our experienced design team eliminates the guesswork, guiding you through the process while handling all of the specifications and measurements to ensure precise ordering and impeccable fit.

Roman Shades

A classic choice for window treatments, Roman shades are forever popular, offering a clean, tailored look with the advantage of versatility. Available in a variety of types, such as flat, hobbled, and cascading folds, Roman shades are known to stack neatly at the top of the window when raised, allowing for maximum light and unobstructed views, while creating a smooth appearance when lowered, adding depth and interest to your windows. For greater convenience, Roman shades can be motorized and integrated into your smart home system. Roman shades work well alone for a streamlined appearance or layered with draperies and treatments for added luxury.

A modern dining area with a beige sofa-style bench and two chairs, overlooking a window with gray drapery, and a decorative centerpiece on the table.
Cozy room with a swing bed, patterned window valances, blinds, and decorative blue vases next to a wall decorated with framed artwork.

Valances & Cornices

Top treatments, including valances and cornices, beautifully frame the upper portion of your window, creating a polished look while reducing glare, providing insulation, and concealing wall imperfections and drapery hardware. Valances are typically made of flowing fabric, adding a decorative element to your window treatments, while cornices are most often upholstered for a more structured style. Both valances and cornices can be customized to match your desired aesthetic.

Whether you seek to infuse your space with warmth, texture, or sheer sophistication, soft window treatments offer a versatile solution to elevate the look and feel of your home.

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