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 Curtain Returns • Drapery Return • Valance Return • Curtain Panel Return • Seamless Sheers Curtain Returns


RETURN to WALL Ι options for curtain • drapery • valance • seamless sheer • curtain panel

Windows Dressed Up Online has Return to Wall options for your custom curtain · drapery · valance. Here are some suggestions when considering which size of return to select.

  • The Return is the distance from the END of the curtain · drapery · curtain panel · valance to the wall.
  • Curtain returns – not an option on our ordering page. There is enough fabric in the curtain you order to have a nice return without adding more fabric.
  • The treatment width · rod width is the distance of the treatment across the wall. Does not include the distance to the wall from the rod.
  • DO NOT ADD the Return size to your treatment width · rod width. Our workroom will automatically add the return size you have selected to your order.
  • Standard return to wall is 3 1/2″. Standard return is the most common, unless you have some design related reasons for a larger return.
  • Double return to wall is 6 1/2″ and is required if the treatment is placed in front of another treatment, such as sheers. If this option is selected, keep in mind that the finished width of the drape or curtain will be larger than what you requested. We do this automatically in the workroom, so don’t change your treatment width setting.

Custom curtain returns or drapery returns create a finished look compared to treatments without returns.

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