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CUSTOM ROMAN SHADE – made in Denver

  • Custom Roman Shade – Volari style are made in America – Denver, Colorado by local seamstresses with years of experience.
  • Volari Custom Roman Shades offer the softness and elegance of a drapery and the functionality of a shade fabric.  Roman shades at times are referred to as roman blinds, roman curtains, and relaxed roman shades.
  • A modern custom roman shade will fit many decors in your home.. Add curtain panels on either side of your window treatments to create a finishing touch.
  • 1,000’s of designer fabrics, colors and styles! Sheer, silk, lace, linen, chevron. Black and white, red, yellow, grey, green, striped, patterned, and more.

 VOLARI CLASSIC ROMAN SHADE Ι timeless, yet modern beauty 

custom roman shade volari green yellow Roman Shade Striped Shade Kitchen valance orange roman Shade den
  • Our Volari custom roman shade have horizontal slats built into the visual design and shows a repeated tuck pleat, therefore adding dimension to this window dressing, therefore the fixed pleats add visual integrity into the pattern.
  • Many fabrics will give these modern window coverings dimension and depth to your custom roman shade. Vertical stripes, textured or silky fabrics are enhanced by the Classic roman shades style.

 VOLARI PORTRAIT ROMAN SHADE Ι continuous picture of fabric  

custom roman shade volari portrait bedroom Flat blue floral Roman Shade Custom purple roman Shade valnce
  • Our Portrait Flat Custom Roman Shade is the latest addition to our Volari fabric Roman Shade family. Although similar to the Classic, the inverted pleats do not appear on the face of the fabric and as a result, the pattern remains fixed.
  • The Portrait Custom Roman Shade is especially enhanced by our patented non-stitch bonding and fusing method, so that the stitch marks or holes are not seen.  We have a large variety of window treatments in many colors and styles available to see in our showroom.

 VOLARI HOBBLE ROMAN SHADE Ι cascades of flowing fabric  

custom roman shade volari Hobble top down bottom up Roman Shade green yellow striped roman shade
  • This Hobbled Custom Roman Shade fits well in a traditional setting, due to a style that gives a sense of tranquility. The free-forming  pleats flow, like a waterfall, and as a result, the fabric cascades down over the horizontal slats.
  • This fall of material creates a Zen-like feeling in a variety of areas in your home, giving a traditional window décor.

 VOLARI NATURALS ROMAN SHADE Ι 5 natural fiber patterns

custom roman shade volari Natural fiber Roman Shade living room red roman shade top down bottom up
  • Inspired by nature, these designer inspired roman shade fabrics provide an organic and natural accent to your windows. Window dressings of soft neutrals, the look of natural grass with diverse textures and rich colors will bring an easy elegance to your room.
  • Our Natural Custom Roman Shade will create a warm style to your home. Diverse textures of earthy colors woven together provide an airy atmosphere in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.

Visit Windows Dressed Up’s Denver Showroom to operate a custom roman shade on display. Test a cordless blind, blackout shades or motorized custom roman shade. We have blinds, shutters and shades from Hunter Douglas, Graber and Lafayette too.  Talk to a Certified Interior Designer to get more window treatment ideas. We also make custom drapes, bedding and have curtain rods and drapery hardware. Call us at 303.455.1009.

Why should I consider a Custom Roman Shade?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your roman shade is “off the shelf”, your choices are limited. If you are looking at drapes, blinds, shutters or a roman shade, what more do you get when you order a custom roman shade instead of a big box treatment shade?

Especially relevant, you will get exactly what you want • Precise fit looks better, insulates better • Choice of right or left pull cord or cordless system • Motorized custom roman shade • Superior lifting systems • Huge selection of fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined drapes or curtains for light-control & insulation • Discuss your project and get ideas with a Certified Interior Designer • Measuring & installation services available