Rod Pocket Curtains Size • Rod Pocket Valances Ι size of headerrod pocket curtains size

Determined by the CIRCUMFERENCE of your curtain rod

  • Measure the CIRCUMFERENCE of your rod, not the diameter of your curtain rod and add 1/2″ .
  • Rod pocket curtains size heading options on our Windows Dressed Up Online ordering page range in 1/2″ increments between 1″ and 5.5″.
  • 3 inch rod pocket curtains or valances are the most common used, but consider your own space, design and style. We have plenty of fabric styles, textures and colors to choose from.
  • If you plan for the curtain to be fixed, as on a door panel, the fabric can be shirred across the curtain rod evenly.
  • If you plan to have the shirred fabric open and close across the curtain rod, especially if the rod is long, you should add another 1/2″. This will help keep the fabric from bunching and catching on the rod.
  • If rod pocket top and bottom option is chosen on our Windows Dressed Up Online ordering page, the rod pocket curtains size will be the same on the top and the bottom.
  • Rod pocket valances are basically rod pocket curtains, except shorter. Most valances are under 24″ in length.
  • There are many sizes and styles of curtain rods to choose from. Find out more on our Hardware page.

Windows Dressed Up in Denver has 58 years of experience in making custom rod pocket curtains, drapes, and valances. Made in America, let our expert craftsmen make one for you.