Rod Pocket Curtains Header

How much fabric or ruffle do you want shirred at the top?rod pocket curtains header size

  • The top of a curtain can define the look you want to achieve with the window space. Formal or casual, feminine, modern or country style, part of your decision is based on the purpose of rod pocket curtains. Will it remain in one place or will it need open and close often?
  • If the rod pocket curtain is meant as a door panel, then rod pocket curtains would most likely remain fixed. The shirred fabric will have a consistent gathered effect across the rod.
  • If used on a window, you may want the curtain to open an close. Depending on the length of the rod pocket curtains, the ability to shimmy the fabric across the space may become difficult.
  • Simply a matter of choice on how much fabric you want for the rod pocket curtains header.
  • Windows Dressed Up Online options for rod pocket curtains header offer 0″ to 3” in ½” increments. If rod pocket top & bottom is chosen, the bottom will match the top.