Lined Roman Shades Ι fabric lining options

Options: Unlined · Sateen · Deluxe · Blackout Liner 

  • Lined roman shades presents a clean, neutral finish to the outside, instead of the back side of the window shade fabric.
  • If the window in the room is exposed to a lot of UV rays from the sun,  lined roman shades will protect the primary fabric.
  • A blackout liner on lined roman shades also serves as thermal liner if your windows are not as air tight as you would like. Great if you desire total privacy.

SATEEN LINERS – roman shades Ι light filtering, but room darkening too.

  • Back side cotton-poly blend that will allow some light to pass through.
  • Lined roman shades protect the face fabric from direct sunlight UV exposure and presents a neutral color to the outside.
  •  WHITE or IVORY.

BLACKOUT LINER – roman shades – no light, total privacy.

  • Blackout liner on our lined roman shades have a back side cotton-poly blend that will stop 99% of the sunlight passing through the window.
  • Blackout liners also provides thermal insulation.
  • Sun blocking shades are also room darkening and ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, or areas that need light filtering control.
  • Blackout liners for our custom lined roman shades come in WHITE or IVORY.

ELITE Roman Shades Lining Option

  • The Elite lining option will conceal the roman shade cords and the slats on the back.
  • This Elite roman shades liner is a child safety feature.
  • The back will present a clean view from the outside of your home.


Windows Dressed Up’s showroom is located in Denver, Colorado, and the owners have been supplying custom roman shades for over 58 years.

Custom made in America by expert craftsmen.