Lined Curtains • Drapes • Valances Ι or select unlined fabric ?

OPTIONS: Unlined • Sateen • Deluxe • Blackout curtain linerno lining for seamless sheers

  • Lined curtains · drapes · valances · except sheers, are the best way to protect your carpet, furniture and art from UV rays.
  • Lined drapes or lined curtains will prevent you from seeing the colors of the fabric from the outside. It will also protect your drapery fabric or curtain fabric from fading.
  • Linings absorb sound, give light control and thermal linings insulate. Curtain liners will also make a lightweight fabric hang fuller and richer.
  • If you need complete privacy or sun control, you may opt for a pleated draw drapery that you can close during the hottest part of the day. Close at night for privacy.
  • Combine lined curtains with blinds or shades to make the window a focal point.
  • Unlined curtains and drapes allow light to shine through and the fabric color to glow into the room, which results in a light & airy look.

Custom Lined Curtains · Drapes · Blackout Curtain Liner · Valances Options

  • Sateen liner – cotton-poly blend that will allow some light to pass through. Lined curtains protects the face fabric from direct sun UV rays, and presents a neutral color to the outside. Select White or Ivory.
  • Deluxe curtain liners – combines a cotton-poly blend with an inner lining applied for added protection from the sun & cold. Allows some light to pass through.
  • Blackout curtain liner – cotton-poly blend will take out 99% of the sunlight passing through the window, and provide more insulation. Select White or Ivory. Sun blocking shades ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, or areas that need light control.
  • Unlined – Many people choose not to line their curtains or drapes, letting the light flow through the fabric, along with the colors.

Why should I consider Custom Lined Curtains · Drapes · Valances ?

You have a choice of what you buy and where you buy it. If your curtains or drapes are off the shelf, your choices are limited. What more do you get when you order custom lined curtains instead of a big box curtain?

You will get exactly what you want • Precise fit looks better, insulates better • Huge choice of fabric styles & colors to match your home decor • Lined curtains and drapes for light control & insulation.

Made in America by expert craftsmen. Free fabric samples.