How to Measure Windows

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Windows Dressed Up has measuring services available!

How to Measure – when measuring your windows, be sure you use a metal tape measure. There are two basic mounting methods for your window treatments – inside mount and outside mount.

How to Measure for Outside Mount

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how to measure blinds curtains shades outside mount

How to Measure Outside Mounted Blinds · Shades

  • Outside mounted window treatments are positioned and mounted above the window casing in most instances.
  • When measuring for outside mounted window coverings, make sure to measure where your blinds will be mounted and positioned.
  • Bring your rough measurements into Windows Dressed Up showroom at 38th on Tennyson St of the desired width and length to start getting an estimate today.

How to Measure for an Inside Mount

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how to measure for blinds curtains shades inside mount

How to Measure Inside Mounted Blinds · Shades

  • Inside mounted window blinds require more precise measurements. The length / height measurements should be taken from the left, middle, and right sides between the window jamb. Mark down the longest measurement.  Inside treatment hardware is mounted directly to the inside of the window jamb.
  • When measuring the inside width of your blinds make sure to measure at the top, middle and bottom opening of the window jamb. Mark down the shortest measurement.
  • Also, be sure to measure the inside depth of the window, as this will help determine if you can have an inside mount.

You do not need to concern yourself with having exact measurements for all of your windows, just relatively close so that we can come up with an estimate – Windows Dressed Up will always measure every window before placing your order.

Looking for an estimate on window treatments?

Bring approximate measurements of your windows into our showroom, select the window coverings right for your budget, and we will have a quote!  We will come out to your home and take exact measurements before submitting your order. Visit Windows Dressed Up’s Denver Showroom to operate our shades on display. Test a cordless blind, blackout shades or motorized shades. Talk to a Certified Interior Designer to get more window treatment ideas. We also make custom drapes, bedding and have curtain rods and drapery hardware.

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