Custom Color Block Curtains – Drapes – Panels

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custom color block curtains drapes panels

Custom color block curtains – drapes – panels selections are limited in retail stores. Windows Dressed Up Online’s 2,000 designer fabrics allows you to design your own perfect window treatments. Custom color block curtains will allow you to work with other colors in the room, creating a cohesive design.

  • Simply put, color blocked curtains or drapes are two colors that you want to use in the room.
  • The idea is for color block to work together in the context of the entire room.
  • Custom color block curtains will allow you to combine perfect combination of colors to fit with your decor.
  • Interior designers are now using colorful curtains and color block drapes on a variety of custom window treatments.
  • A basic rule of thumb is to have the top two-thirds in one neutral color and the bottom third in patterns or colors that contrast.

Color block design suggestions.

  • Clothing fashion designers have been using color block fabrics successfully for quite a while.
  • Many color blocking ideas show a lighter shade on top and darker on the bottom. The darker color block will draw the eye down, anchoring the room
  • Fixed color block curtain panels on either side of a window or door draws attention to the window.
  • Pairing stripes and patterns with solids will also create interest and flair.
  • Pairing bright, bold colors from different color wheel families will make more of a color block statement.
  • Consider the style and color of the furniture and pillows in the room to make sure the multi-colors blend well together.

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